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In which areas does Dial In Free offer service?

Service is currently available in all Michigan area codes. Click here to find your access number.

Will I get disconnected if I have periods of inactivity or if I stay online too long?

No, Dial In Free does not utilize any timers on your usage.

What does no-frills mean?

No-frills means Dial In Free provides you with the basic essentials needed to access the Internet. Dial In Free does not currently provide a branded email account. To continue your email requires the use of your existing email provider or a free provider. If you wish to retain a paid email account from your old Internet Service Provider, they may require the use of their web-mail site when sending or replying.

Where can I get a free email account?

If you are in need of an email address, you can sign up for a free account at,, or AOL also offers a free email service to their members even after they cancel.

What if I need support?

Dial In Free does not provide free support. If you need help, call our toll free support hotline at 616-980-4110. There will be a $5 charge per incident. Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card payments accepted.

Will Dial In Free sell my email address to other parties?

No. We only ask that you opt in to receive an occasional email from us. Dial In Free will email you offers from local merchants. But not more than one per week.

If a no-frills Dial In Free account does not suit your needs, consider this special offer:

Unlimited dialup, email, and free support for:

$15.95 / month,

$44.95 / quarterly

$159.95 / year

*Centurytel and Bloomingdale phone company customers should check with their phone company regarding limited call plans to certain Dial In Free access numbers.*