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Welcome to Dial In Free, Michigan's only free unlimited dialup service!

Why pay for dialup Internet service when you don't have to? Receiveunlimited dialup access at no cost courtesy of Dial In Free! No credit card or personal information required. Simply enter a valid email address and you are ready to go. This is 100% free... no gimmicks or hidden charges.

No Subscription Needed

You do not have to signup for any offers, submit credit cards, or jump through hoops to subscribe to Dial In Free. Simply register your account information, setup your dialer, and you are ready to start enjoying your free Internet service.

No Payment Needed

Dial In Free do not require any billing information and we will NOT bill you... ever!!! This service is completely free!

Easy To Get Started

Use Dial In Free without downloading any software. You can set up your computer manually following our simple instructions, or for the less experienced, download our installer which automatically configures your settings.

No Phone Bill Chargers

Dial In Free has local access numbers throughout the 231, 269, and 616 area codes in all areas serviced by Verizon or SBC/ATT. If you are unsure as to whether an access number is a local call, try dialing the 7-digit number from your phone. If you are able to hear modem tones, then it is a local call. The operator may also verify this for you. If the 7-digit number does not work for you, you may still be able to use this service. Dial In Free suggest calling your local phone company to verify the access number is a local call.

Doesn't Affect Current Internet

Most people do not realize they can have more than one access number for the Internet, that is, more than one dialer icon on their desktop. Using Dial In Free will not affect your bookmarks, favorites or email. Dial In Free is merely a free, stand-alone access phone number that connects you to the Internet. Please use Dial In Free's homepage as your start page and perform searches through the Google search box.

2 Step Process

Internet use is a two-step process. Connecting through an Internet provider, and then accessing Internet websites.


Customers of Centurytel or Bloomingdale phone service, our access numbers are in adjacent calling areas and may be subject to limited free calling.

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information will not be sold to any third parties.

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